Boardvantage Software Review

Boardadvantage represents one of the best out-of-the-box solutions for boards and other types of governance structures in the industry. It’s easy to install, configure and use, all with just a few clicks of the computer mouse. At the same time, the number of options available for operation is broad enough to meet the needs of companies of different scales of operation. We invite you to learn about other features of Boardadvantage in this article.


What makes Boardadvantage different from other similar products?

The company was originally founded as a small virtual data room development company for boardrooms. But after the original company was acquired by Nasdaq, it had new options and growth opportunities.

Today, Boardadvantage is one of the best types of software in its industry. Boardadvantage can be used for board organization:

  • Boardadvantage Director, a complete solution for creating a virtual bulletin board. With it, you can create and organize several projects simultaneously, without using a lot of unnecessary documentation.
  • Boardadvantage MeetX. This extension is more focused on organizing the document flow within the company, both at the level of management structures and at the level of ordinary departments. At the same time, greater access rights are granted to managers.

The exchange of documents between board members and business partners takes only a few minutes, which saves a lot of working time. At the same time, the performance and responsiveness of the entire system remains at a high level, which simplifies the use of all software.


Boardadvantage Key Features

Boardadvantage software enables you to organize your workflow more efficiently. The following features contribute to this:

  1. Extensive features for managing work schedules. This section allows you to schedule meetings and appointments, enter important events into a shared digital calendar, create meeting agendas, and more.
  2. Options for organizing meetings. In this block, users can retrieve all necessary information from previous online meetings and meetings, share documents required for meetings, make notes or leave comments in them, conduct voting with automatic counting of votes, and more.
  3. Tools for streamlining document flow. Boardadvantage provides not only the ability to store large amounts of corporate information, but also to create a convenient structure for their storage, customize the search, conduct business correspondence, sign documents and much more.
  4. Security Management. To ensure that all corporate documentation is protected, the platform includes a built-in encryption system for data used in the work, the ability to configure access for different categories of users. Multilevel authentication and much more.

In this case, the entire functionality of Boardadvantage is available to users from both desktops and any other user devices.

The pluses of using this software also include its availability. Users are able to get free access to test the options before purchasing. Several packages are available for users, the cost of which depends on the number of options and plug-ins needed to work.

Any company can use Boardadvantage, regardless of the specifics of its activity. It is focused first of all on the organization of work of managing structures, therefore its application is universal.