BoardBookit Software – Pros and Cons

Regardless of what your company does, without proper leadership its further development will simply not be possible. To organize the management process in general and the work of the board of directors in particular, you need an effective business tool. You can use special software for this purpose, but there is a small problem – the market is literally overflowing with similar platforms suitable for this purpose. However, one of the best in that industry is the BoardBookit software. We suggest learning more about why it attracts users around the world.

To begin with a few words about the developer company and their product. BoardBookit company was founded in 2012, but in less than ten years it has managed to gain popularity among users around the world. The platform is focused primarily on organizing the work of executives, in particular – boards of directors. Over time, the platform began to be used to organize work not only at the highest levels of management, but also at more accessible levels of company department heads.


The main options of BoardBookit

To make the management organization process effective, this software offers many useful tools. For example, users have the ability to:

  • Compose and schedule meetings – both scheduled and unscheduled;
  • Create announcements of major events in the life of the company;
  • Monitor attendance of meetings in automatic mode;
  • Send notifications to every meeting participant.

Each user can access the virtual bulletin board or meeting room only through an account. Administrators can set permissions for specific actions of each user, as well as view the history of their actions and work with documents. You can log in from your work computer as well as from any other user device.


Main advantages of BoardBookit

BoardBookit gained popularity among users not only because of the wide range of possibilities for organizing the management process. Other benefits of the platform contributed to this as well, including:

  • User-friendly and intuitive interface;
  • Flexibility and scalability of the platform for working with different types of user devices;
  • Easy integration with different types of corporate local infrastructures;
  • High level of protection of confidential data used in the work.

In addition, the developer company offers its customers high-quality technical support at any time.

BoardBookit is suitable not only for organizing and conducting online meetings. The platform also provides ample opportunities for working with corporate documents. Registered users can forward documentation, make edits or comments to it even during meetings, and for greater security there is an electronic signature option, which will be especially useful in business correspondence.

Unfortunately for users, the developers do not provide free trial access to the platform. Nevertheless, its cost remains affordable for companies with different budgets, which makes it an attractive option in terms of value for money. So, the provider’s customers can take advantage of an annual subscription or order services depending on their business needs. By installing all the necessary plugins gathered in one package, you can save a lot (and it’s not just about the company’s budget).

If you are looking for reliable software for your company, BoardBookit will meet all your expectations.